Thursday, April 30, 2009

Guyana Dreamin'

Words to a song I wrote 'bout twenty years ago....

Guyana Dreamin'
I'm beginning to realize,
That what you've got is catching,
As another piece of me dies,
and our brain wave patterns are matching.

When I caught on to you, it was long overdue, I'm beginning to realize.

I'm beginning to see the light,
but I keep getting caught in the shadows.
And the visions that come in the night,
make better reflections than windows.

Now I see right through you, and the things that you do, I'm beginning to see the light. I'm beginning to realize.

When you came to me you comforted my soul,
filled me with a love I never knew.
You told me if I lost myself I'd finally feel whole,
Now I can't remember who is who.

We're beginning to see through your plan,
That you never intended to make it.
When they blow the lid off your scam,
There's an easy way out, and you'll take it.

Now we're all on to you, but too late and too few, We're beginning to see through your plan. We're beginning to see the light. We're beginning to realize,a s every last one of us dies.

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