Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Villain and His Dog

I like writing themes. I remember recording this one some forty years ago. I was laying down this great melodrama villain theme I'd composed and then I got tired of playing it. In fact, I wanted to change the mood. So, rather than doing another separate recording, I just extemporized a completely contrasting melody to work agains the first part.

Never revisted it, but decades later I began to wonder that if the first part was the villain, who did the second part represent? Having recently seen the animated cartoon "Despicable Me" with its not-so-evil villain who ends up being a foster dad, I originally thought it might be the villain's kid.

But then I remembered the Simpson's episode in which Homer goes off chasing "dog with a fluffy tail", completely ignoring the fact he's just seen his own double for the first time! Those two animations made it pretty obvious this composition was about "The Villain and His Dog."

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