Monday, June 28, 2010

My Latest Tweets

Ordering from the new Kosher menu at MacDonalds - "I'd like a Big Mac with Matza... and circum-size that."

The reason most couples stay together for decades is that they are both eventually thinking, "Who else would have an old wretch like me!"

I prefer to be driven by how I want to treat peope today than by trying to make up for how I treated them yesterday.

Question: My life is a debris field - where do I start? Answer: With a bulldozer - and a teaspoon.

Don't try to forgive yourself for the past. Rather, become a new person who hasn't don't anything wrong yet. Do this every day as needed.

Have you heard about the new Jewish auction web site: oyBay?

I'm sitting on the souffle of life, hoping nobody slams the oven door.

I'm always inspired in the morning. It's part of my magnificent mental plumage.

Try to sense within yourself the moment observation becomes memory.

The purest essence of "The Law" from which all legal code ultimately springs: The Rising Up Against Tyrants.

Ghost monkeys throw ectoplasmic scat.

It does not matter if brains are large or small, the dynamics of psychology apply equally to all.

My 5 yr old cat was weaned too soon and gently bites to show love. Like people pulled too soon from breast feeding he has an oral fixation.

Freud applies to cats as well.

My comment: "The God of Atheism". Teresa's Response: "No more mobius strips for you!"

From "My Year of Clarity": Have the clarity to get rid of old DVDs by saying, " I loved that movie! I never want to see it again."


Ryan said...

Officially following you now, these are fantastic.... And yes, I am reading your tweets on a Saturday night in New York City... Don't judge

Melanie Anne Phillips said...

Aw, shucks. Not fantasitc, just undisciplined and outspoken. I live in Salem, Oregon - I should judge?