Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Guess Who - "Key" from the "Canned Wheat" album

Never paid much attention to the Guess Who, other than the standard hits. Recently, I've been introduced to their enormous number of albums of original music. Here's one of the first tracks I'd never heard. It changes its identity, starting with a semi-standard yet oddly different melod, then segues into a wholly inventive drum solo for several minute before finally slipping into a grand piano piece that sends shivers down my spine.

The track is 11:15 (you can buy it on Amazon for 99 cents), but here it is in two parts on You Tube.

Part 1 (the melody):

Part 2 (the drum solo and grand piano piece):


Ryan said...

Awesome song! The piano gave me the chills, and it definitely reminds me of your style of playing. I haven't heard many deep tracks from The Guess Who, but I just got Spotify and they have all the albums for free on demand. So I'll be checking them out more, thanks for sharing!

Melanie Anne Phillips said...

A friend introduced me to some of the lesser-known music recently, and I've been exploring ever since. Their earlier stuff from '65 or so is pretty derivative, but from the Wheatfield Soul album in '69 on up, its pretty amazing. (That's when Bachman and Cummings joined the group, later of Bachman Turner Overdrive.)