Saturday, December 31, 2011

Here's how it stands...

So, this is going pretty well.  I can shovel whatever the heck I'm thinking about at the moment up here on this blog where hardly anybody (IF anybody) ever sees it, but I've satisfied my need to shout in the town square.

Then, I can take all the little gems and best-of-the-best and post it to Facebook or Google+ or Twitter.  The VERY best goes on my web site and the whole pile of it gets shovelled into my archive (on hard drive and back-up on my web site in a folder).

Pretty satisfying.  Short of having a personal librarian, I do believe this is the best I can do.  And whenever I get the urge to organize that ol' archive on the internet, I no longer feel an obligation to make it complete, but see it more as a playground where each trip into the sand box spiffs things up a little bit more in the warehouse.


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