Saturday, December 31, 2011

More on internet archives

Here's another thought...  I'm finding it absolutely frustrating to take every single posting or journal entry that I make originally on the internet (such as this one) in the very convenient form of this blog system and then try to reproduce it in my home page archive in some form such as in a Word document.  What a pain in the ass!

On the one hand, I want a permanent record of this stuff that can't be deleted at the whim of a company, on the other hand, who wants to spend five times as long documenting each thought as it took to originally think of it and post it?

What's more, I still haven't figured out a good way to present this stuff.  I started with a page called "Chronology" and though I have tried dozens of ways to organize it, they all suck.  For example, if I create two columns - one for a creative timeline of what I invent and the second for a personal history of what's going on day to day, though it clearly shows the side by side relationship of the "artist's"
work to the "artist's" life, some entries in each are links to whole works (like articles and music and family photos) while others are just a single line that's a good creative phrase or a note about what's going on.

How to you create a system that has the best features of a blog, a web site, facebook and twitter while it makes a permanent copy of everythig on your computer as well?  Beats me!  I'm going to keep trying though - my mom wrote one book in little essay pieces.  She always wanted to compile it and publish it, but never did.  I think that is the one thing that makes her life look like a tragedy to me (and probably to her at the time she passed on).  For me, this archive effort is my "book" and I'm damned well not going to put it off like she did, no matter how frustrating the damned thing is!!!

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