Saturday, December 31, 2011

Still at it....

Okay, so I've been working about six hours now on this archive project, trying to get all my creative works and personal history (family photos and such) up on one place on the internet in a form where it can be accessed by both date and topic.

And I've accomplilshed nothing.

Oh, I've tried myriad of ways, but it keeps coming down to this: it's a hell of a lot of work!

Now, it's one thing to spontaneously create something and toss it up on a blog or Facebook or Google+ or YouTube or Twitter.  But, it is about ten times as much work (and no creativity involved) in archiving it and organizing it.

So, rather than make the archive organized and accessible, I've made a radical decision: I'm going to put things on my internet archive, but leave them disorderly and inaccessible.  The point of the archive is not really to show all my crap along with the jems, but just to ensure that nothing is ever lost due to one of the aforementioned social network sites ceasing to function.

Sure, I'd love to have it all in a good "library" of my "body of work."  But until I'm rich enough to hire a personal librarian, I'll just keep posting it all to the internet and making sure I have some copy of other in the archive of all the raw material.

This way, I can take advantage of all the good formatting, presentation, and built-in audience of these internet services and still not have to worry about losing the only copies in existence.

So, there it is.  It is better to create than to catalog.  And while I'd love to build an internet version of the "story of my life" just as my mom vainly wanted to publish a book of all her writings, at least I can take solace in the fact that in her day, if you didn't publish then no one would ever see your work whereas today, just putting it up on the networks gets you an audience and just piling it up onto your hard drive and your web domain buys you protection from loss.

Good for now.

But I still hope I can afford a librarian soon....

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