Friday, January 6, 2012

The Care and Feeding of Your History

Hey, cats and kittens!  Today I'm continuing this new year's project of organizing all my old archival material.  This includes all the music, photos, movies, writings, and even old memories that I've created and collected over the decades.

Basically, I've always been so forward-focused and innovation-seeking that I've never stopped to realize I've left this rubble trail of old ideas and creations in my wake.  In fact, I'm kind of anchored to it.  You really can't escape the past, you can (at best) stay one step ahead of it.  A single slip, though, and it all piles into you from behind.  Worse, every year you live that thundering beast on your heels is getting bigger and meaner.  I'm beginning to suspect we never just die - we simply get consumed by our own history.

I suppose some can just turn around, yell at their past and shout, "Get out of here - I don't love you any more!"  And others may pretend it isn't really there.  But for heaven's sake, why don't we just face the damned thing and embrace it as our own, which it really is, after all?

Now, I'm not suggesting you have to carry it around on a stick and shake it at everyone you encounter...  No, just that we recognize we have a trailer and learn to take those tight turns a little slower lest it drag us over the edge or, ever worse in a karmic sense of things, have it break off from us and go thundering down the road toward some poor bastard following us.  Talk about unwarranted!

Well, I could go on and on.  And day by day I will, you can be sure.  But for now, I've got other blogs and other social sites and (screw all that) life itself to live.  And besides, I still have to put out fresh food and water for my past before bed.

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