Saturday, January 14, 2012

Marauding Memories

Teresa:  You know those young actors in the Harry Potter series were so lucky to play against the cream of British actors.

Me:  Not just the education but the experience.

Teresa:  Can you imagine, being that age and working with Kenneth Branagh and...  Peter O' Toole...  no, wait, not Peter O' Toole...  that other guy, the one I like.

Me:  Oh, yeah..  the guy who played Dumbledore originally.  I can't remember his name now either.

Teresa:  I hate getting old

Me:  I don't think it's age so much as experience.  You stuff sot much information into your mind over the years,  you just can't find things easily anymore.  Oh, I'm sure age can be a factor, but there's also the overstuffed warehouse aspect.

Teresa: I know what you mean.

Me:  Richard Harris!  See, it was in there, I just had to track it down.  That's why I don't let my memories wander the halls at night.  Everybody has to go back to their rooms or I'll never find them again.

Teresa:  You could if you had a map.

Me:  You mean, like a "Marauder's Map?"

Teresa: Exactly.

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