Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Journal for August 29, 2012

Productive day today.  Refined the design for the new version of StoryWeaver and sent the details to my exceptional programmer.  Worked with my friend, Sheldon to expand some of the things he helps me with in business (can't get by without him!)  Did a few chores around the place for Teresa.  Hung a picture, and sorted through a number of boxes of personal items we had in storage before we moved.  Finished uploading the last of the videos I took on our recent hike on the John Muir Trail.  Stuck to  my diet (8 pounds lost already) and made a lot of plans...  bwahahaha...... evil plans.....  Watching Paul Ryan at the Republican Convention - I'm an election junkie.  Hoping to catch another recorded episode of Game of Thrones tonight.  Tomorrow should be cooler up here on my mountain.  About 87 today but 85 tomorrow and down to about 80 after that for the next ten days, so they say.  Not much else, but the day ain't over yet....

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