Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ren & Stimpy Comic - Volume 1 Number 1

Now that we've moved into the new place and have all my boxes of memorabelia out of storage and into our new garage where I can get to it, I'm sorting through a warehouse full of sentimental and collectable items I've gathered or held on to over the years.  I'll be posting the more interesting ones (at least to me!) here as I start re-organizing them in new boxes with better categories.

Here's the first - Issue number 1 of Ren and Stimpy comics.  I was collecting a lot of comics in those days and bought five copies of this in mint condition when they came out.

The bag says to open it for a surprise message (hidden by artwork on the bag itself).  When you do, the message from Ren says, "You opened the bag!  Now this comic is worthless!!!"  Fortunately, I had the other four copies, still in the bag! ;)

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