Tuesday, August 28, 2012

So what's going on....?

Well, it's been a hell of a last ten years.  But things are better now.  In fact, as of today.

Basically, all the crap I've had to deal with and knock down pieces of, one by one is now behind me.  The last scheduled commitment from since we moved from Oregon back to California for business about three months ago was completed today.  And so, I find myself full of energy with some money in the bank and ready to grab life by the something or other.

So, while I went for months without posting things here, I'm back again (among other things).

This blog was supposed to be my catch-all for every creative thing I did in any field and also for all the cool things I come across on the Internet, hence, "Life and Times" as it says on the masthead.

But, I got blocked up because I wanted a real chronology and everything I ever created before was backlogged and unorganized.  So, I dumped a bunch of it here, but that wasn't very satisfying as there was no way to see things easily by categories with the best up front - only in the order it was posted.

So, I gave up - even stopped creating new stuff for a while - what was the point?  But now, I say screw it.  Perhaps someday I've hire an archivist to pull it all together.  Until then, I think I'd rather have a bit of fun just pumping everything I spew out onto this blog as it happens, or with old stuff, as I come across it and have the time to spit it out here.

For example, since we've moved, I have all the boxes (a lifetime full of saving of bits and pieces of things) that I had in storage now in the garage.  I intend to go through them all and foist them upon you - each and every little thing that means nothing to anyone else but me.  Sometimes a photo of a possession or memory item, other times some scribblings or a bunch o' words I penned half a century ago.

Whatever.  Main thing is, time to stop holding back because it's just one more bone on the pile behind me, open the stop cock and let it flow.

Go, Muse, Go!  See Muse Run!

See Dick.  See Jane.  See Spot.  See Dick spot Jane.  See Spot dick Jane.  See what I mean?  Stuff - and you're stuck with it unless you go away.

So what's it to be punk.  Do you feel lucky?

Well, do you?

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