Thursday, August 21, 2014

Moving to Big Bear (Part 1)

Back from the first of two moves to Big Bear. Teresa drove the truck, I followed in the car - it was like watching a symphony, the way she handled those curves coming up the mountain from the desert side through Apple Valley. We loaded up the day before - two old coots shouldn't carry that much weight! Scores of big boxes of books - heavy, heavy - probably (we figure) about 2 to 3 tons, we loaded in the 14' truck. As soon as we arrived around 1:30 Wednesday afternoon, we unloaded it all. Now doesn't that sound stupid - loading up a truck just so you can unload it again the very next day? Hail storm while unloading. Teresa's lucky omen is that it rains every time she moves. That's been true for each of our moves over the last 16 years. Slept on the air mattress we bought for Mary when she came up to stay with us in PMC for Christmas. I am SO SORRY Mary!!! We bought the highest rated one for you for your Christmas visit, but never slept on it. That thing is a mediaeval torture device! And you were so gracious about it for three nights! It's a wonder you didn't die. I had to roll out of the thing and crawl around the ground like a worm trying to get on my feet. Oh, wait... I wasn't drinking was I? Well, the propane guy came by and signed off on compressed gas. Up at 6 this morning - toasted - no food or coffee, so off to Starbucks by the lake. 30 minute round-trip and back with hot coffee (as opposed to a two-hour round trip to the nearest Starbucks from PMC). Drove back straight through, skipped lunch until we got back - then discovered all hell broke loose on customer service for my little online business, plus 144 email messages while I was gone for one fricking day! Got all the fires put out, even though the room was spinning from exhaustion - collapsed for a two hour nap. One of our fish died because the chemistry was off and neither of us noticed we hadn't put the pumps back on after feeding before we left yesterday. Now - dinner made and et, all crucial S**t caught up on, social fun-play here on Facebook, and ready to sink into the soft embrace of the lotus-eating mattress. Goodnight.

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