Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Have Seen The Future

Words to another song I wrote years ago...

Times were tough,
and people were lazy.
Things got rough,
and they say he got crazy.

Or at least that is the story,
that I'm authorized to tell.
But I'm sick of propaganda,
and I'm not afraid of hell.

The path he walked,
it brought him no pleasure.
But he laughed and talked,
of spiritual treasure.

And he went to find the answer,
that no one ever does.
While others had forgotten,
just what the question was.

Kings and priests,
all tried to suppress him.
But their men and beasts,
all failed to impress him.

For he had seen the future,
so how could they compare.
When he knew that in a twinkling,
he'd already be there.

They lay in wait,
for they knew where to find him,
through the hidden hate,
of someone behind him.

And though he knew they'd be there,
he did not turn away.
And he stood by his commitment,
to be there on that day.

The fiery eyes,
of this marathon swimmer,
of the cosmic sea,
gave not a glimmer,

of his final destination,
it's whereabouts unknown,
but he left behind his crumpled skin,
to show how much he'd grown.

If one of you,
has gotten my message.
Well, then none of you,
should grieve for my passage.

For I have seen the future,
so the present I can bear.
And I know that in a twinkling,
I'll surely join him there.

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