Thursday, April 30, 2009

Morning Gold

Words to another song I wrote years ago.

Morning Gold

Morning Gold was special to me,
and I'm told she was something to see.
Bought and sold, she could never be free:
Morning Gold is better off dead.

Once a week, she'd have me for tea.
Cheek to cheek, we were close as can be.
Scared to speak, I got down on my knee:
Morning Gold is better off dead.

All she ever wanted was a place to call her own,
knitting while she's sitting by the fire.
All she ever needed was a voice across the phone,
but she kept getting hung-up on the wire.

She said, "No!", but I told her she should.
She said, "Go!", but I stayed where I stood.
And, you know, just like "Norwegian Wood",
Morning Gold is better off....

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